2019 Spring Bayberry Lane Catalog
2019 Spring Big Value Catalog
2019 Spring What's New Catalog

Download and fax your order to 618-874-4812.  We will then bill you for the amount owed.

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When placing catalog orders, we will invoice you using Pay pal or Amazon

  • If paying by check or money order, mail to our address, Payable to Joyce Ingram.
  • After paying for your order and payment clears, we will then begin the shipping process, which is normally within three days

Your items will then be shipped via UPS Ground out of California.


  • Shipping for orders under $50.00 is $7.95
  • Orders over $50.00 are shipped Free
  • All Credit and Debit Cards are handled using PayPal. 
  • You do not need to have a PayPal account to use your credit or debit card.


To order anything from this catalog, just email or fax us with the

  • page number, 
  • item number,
  • price.

using our order form shown below.

We will then bill you. 

  • Payment can be made using PayPal, Amazon, money order or checks. 
  • Additional time for clearance of money orders or checks is required  



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